Erdnand "Norster" (The Alleged Wizard)

An Elf Wizard who doesn't want anyone to know he's an elf wizard


As a child, Erdnand was always interested in magic. Unfortunately, his family was too poor to buy him the necessary supplies and tutors. Upon reaching adulthood, he began travelling the world and raised enough money to learn some very basic spells. He would travel to the smaller towns that were not very accustomed to magic and perform small tricks for them.

When the law was eventually passed that forced magic users to be registered, he decided it was in his best interest to go to the academy. After a few months in said academy, he uncovered a dark secret which caused him to flee and never look back.

Erdnand now travels the land, disguised as a common mercenary. He is hunted by the authorities as well as the academy, and only desires to bring the corrupt institution crumbling to the ground.

Erdnand "Norster" (The Alleged Wizard)

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