Passive-Agressive Half-Elf Fighter




Avreis had not your average childhood. In a shocking twist, both his parents stayed around and cared for him. His human father taught him at the age of 14 the ways of sword fighting. Life was pretty great until one day, while hunting out in the forest, he returned to find his entire family and village consumed by a gelatinous cube. Leaving nothing but an empty village, Avries gathered supplies and his father’s sword and set off on a quest to find the gelatinous cube who murdered his parents. It’s been 13 years since then.

Avreis has made a name for himself doing odd jobs at every tavern he finds. The experiences on the road have left him with a bit of jaded view on the world and a passive-aggressive attitude toward people, keeping to himself most of the time. Unknown to him, Avries becomes quite lively after having a few drinks. Known to hit on the ladies and may have had a child he doesn’t know about.


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