Don't mind the tail. Or the horns, they aren't a big deal.


A young woman of a slender build.

Her tail and small horns suggest she has a fiendish heritage as well.


Altariel was abandoned as a child, left at the door of a monastery dedicated to Saint Cuthbert. The monks and clergy reluctantly took her in, unable to leave her to die. They raised her to be devout to Saint Cuthbert, in an attempt to keep her away from a path that the majority of tieflings tend to stray towards.

Her heritage was kept a secret through concealing clothing, lest she be harassed for something outside her control. (Most people tend to not like the horns or the tail.)

Altariel left the monastery at the age of 17 (after taking the donation box), as the life of a nun hardly seemed appealing to her. In her travels, she became increasingly reclusive, realizing that the majority of people would rather see her dead than alive. Keeping to herself, she scraped by as a freelance thief, only occasionally working with others. Due to her somewhat timid nature, her partners often took more than their share on the job.


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